What is a bind : It's a shortcut that assignes a key of the keyboard to an action. You can use it for example to display a message during the game.

How to configure binds

  • Go in the Urban Terror directory on your computer. In the folder there is another folder called q3ut4. Open it. In it there is a file called autoexec.cfg.
  • Open the files autoexec.cfg with a text editor (ex: Notepad)
  • Add your binds in it with a return between eachbind.

Here is a list of some known binds

This bind lets you call "I need a medic" :

bind x "ut_radio 3 3 I need a medic! $health"

Code explanation :

  • bind : says that this code is a bind
  • x : is the key to click to activate the bind
  • "ut_radio 3 3 I need a medic! $health" : the command to execute

Specific explanation of the command ut_radio 3 3 I need a medic! $health

  • ut_radio : send the message to your team
  • 3 3 : its the code of the vocal message "I need a medic"
  • I need a medic! : is the displayed text
  • $health : shows your health status

This bind informs your team that you have seen an enemy and where you've seen it

bind x "ut_radio 5 1 Enemy spotted at $crosshair!"

The location is set by the point that your are targetting with your gun.

  • 5 1 : is the vocal code for "Enemy spotted"
  • $crosshait : send the location

bind x "ut_radio 5 1 Enemy spotted at $crosshair!"

Here are some other binds

bind x "ut_radio lol"
Sound : laughing

bind x "ut_radio 1 1"
Sound : Affirmative

bind x "ut_radio 1 2"
Sound : Negative

bind x "ut_radio 2 1"
Sound : Move in!

bind x "ut_radio 2 2"
Sound : Fallback and regroup!

bind x "ut_radio 2 6 Help! $location"
Sound : Help

bind x "ut_radio 1 4 Sector clear @ $crosshair"
Sound : All is clear

Colored binds

To ad a color to your bind add the symbol ^number just before the text your want to color. White is the default color.


To write color in red, write :


0 - black
1 - red
2 - green
3 - yellow
4 - blue
5 - light blue
6 - purple
7 - white

Bind for a screenshot

bind F11 "screenshotJPEG"

When you press F11 you will do a screenshot. The format is jpg.

Some information variables

  • $health - health
  • $location - position
  • $weapon - name of the weapon
  • $bullets - number of bullets left in the charger
  • $clips - number of chargers left